Look Up - Stay Back… a simple slogan however when applied can save your life.

Crashing into a vehicle in front is one of the most common crashes for young drivers that can be easily avoided.

Faced with many distractions and the inexperience of estimating speed and distance, young drivers are at far greater risk than most. International research identifies the first year of driving as being the highest risk year.

However by simply scanning further ahead to identify potential hazards (Look Up) and staying back from the car in front at least 2 or 3 seconds (Stay Back) gives young drivers more time to respond and greater space to react should an incident occur helping you to avoid nose to tail crashes.

Safe Driving from the team at Murcotts.


Young Driver Development

The principle purpose of the YDD program is to develop a collaborative team comprising parent/guardian and young driver that will facilitate a more effective period of supervised practice prior to licensing.

Key Content includes:

  • Driver profile incorporating Behaviour, Attitude, Awareness. Motivation and skills (BAAMS)
  • Driver self-awareness (insight)
  • Dealing with overconfidence, attitudeds and risk taking
  • Skills - spatial perception, distance, speed, identification of hazards and risks, observation techniques
  • Concentration - distractions (e.g. mobile phones)

This one-day program helps young drivers fast track the skills of hazard perception and risk assessment factors that differentiate their collision experience with experienced drivers.

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Improving your driving is a continuous learning process.

In response to research and changing vehicle and safety technology, Murcotts is continually updating their Defensive Driving Program.

Murcotts offer a range of programs and refresher training to ensure drivers keep up to date with the latest information. In the mean time, enjoy these


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