At last there is a decorating solution that looks fresh and feels permanent, yet is easily changeable, like the weather!

Introducing… SKIN A WALL, a removable wall product that has a vast range of applications.



  1. Give us your dimensions of the wallpaper you require (ie. size for a whole wall, poster size, door size etc.)

  2. Upload your own image, or select from our library

  3. Forward these details through our Skin A Wall online ordering system

  4. We will email acknowledgement of receipt and confirmation of sizes

  5. Once we are both satisfied with the finished product, we will despatch on receipt of payment through the Skin A Wall online checkout

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Choose a Photo From Our Library

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Step 1:  Make sure the surface is clean, dry, and smooth (to ensure maximum adhesion, it is recommended you wash the wall down with sugar soap).

Step 2:  No glues or pastes are needed.  The print should be applied dry, onto a dry surface.  However, if applying to plastic or glass, both surfaces will need to be wet, just with water which will help eliminate bubbles and make easier for aligning.

Step 3:  If applying full coverage, check that the ceiling and adjoining walls are square, as this will affect the laying as you progress from left to right.

Step 4:   Peel the paper backing, then working from the top left hand corner, line up the top edge with the top of the wall and left edge.  Smooth the top and then work your way down.

A second person is recommended to line up the bottom/adjoining the left hand abutting wall.

Step 5:  Once placed in position, smooth out with your hands or a soft cloth.  If using your hands, make sure you have no rings or sharp objects in your hands as this will scratch the print.

Step 6:  Repeat Step 4, matching the print on the right hand edge of the previous panel, all the way down, and then smooth out as you go.

Continue this procedure until complete.

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If my pic is smaller that a sqmtr, what will the cost be?

We try and deal in minimum of a poster size, but this can be negotiated

Can I upload more than one pic for my wallpaper?

Yes, we can also do collages on request.

Can you help me find a pic I’m looking for if I don’t have the image, and I cannot find one suitable in your library?

Yes, we can source other avenues for the image you require

Once ordered and approved, how long until I receive my wallpaper?

7-10 days depending on distance

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Need Help Getting Started?

How does it work?

Once you send us the image you want, or choose one from our library, and tell us the size you are after we then print off your image on our non-stretch fabric wall material, send it to you and you do the rest!

All you do is follow our easy step by step instructions and video to learn how it’s done…then simply…peel off the backing and install it! Check out our website for more on the installation process!

AND THE BEAUTY OF SKIN A WALL PRODUCTS? When you want to change it we can help you with that too! If you want to change your wall according to the season, SKIN A WALL is easy to remove and replace with a fresh scene.

Size doesn’t matter!

No longer are you restricted by size – You can go as small as a poster or as large as a showroom and all sizes in between! Simply visit our website and check out the details on our range!

SKIN A WALL is perfect for home owners, renters, real estate agents, renovators, architects, builders, display homes, restaurants, retail stores…in fact SKIN A WALL is ideal for anyone looking to solve that decorating challenge!

Some ways in which you can use SKIN A WALL:

  • Want to brighten up a dark room in your home?
  • Want to have Wall murals in your living room?
  • What about Historical images in cafes and restaurants?
  • And then there’s Feature wall in nurseries
  • Change your restaurant menu in line with the season

In fact we don’t have the room to tell you all the uses for SKIN A WALL! It’s only limited by your imagination! So get creative!

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